About us

Rural Housing Trust Ltd (RHTL) is a housing company specializing in rural shared ownership housing.

Our aim is to help people on modest incomes live in the rural villages they have strong connections to.

We do this by building affordable shared ownership housing, which help maintain healthy and vibrant village communities.

RHTL has 449 shared ownership houses in 101 village locations from Sussex on the South Coast to North Yorkshire.

  • We develop affordable shared ownership housing in close partnership with parish and district councils to ensure local housing needs are met.
  • Our developments are often built on rural exception sites, which cannot be used for open market housing. We are therefore able to acquire the land at low cost and gain planning permission on the condition that the homes built are for local people at affordable prices. If you have a piece of land that could be used for this purpose, please feel free to get in touch.
  • Rural Housing Trust Ltd. retains a share in the ownership of each house as a method of controlling future occupancy and affordability. A covenant on the land transfer ensures commitment to local people.