We understand that shared owners may be concerned about paying the Specified Rent for their home if there is a change in financial circumstances during the virus outbreak. This statement seeks to assure shared owners that we are following Government guidelines at this difficult time for us all:

  • The Prime Minister referred to payment of rent during one of the daily Briefings. The Government expects landlords and tenants to work together to come up with an affordable repayment plan for rent arrears built up during this time which takes individual circumstances into account.
  • RHTL will work with shared owners and their mortgage providers to help you keep your home in times of financial difficulty. You should contact your mortgage provider who may be able to help.
  • It is essential to let us know if you are having difficulty paying your Specified Rent. Our email address is office@ruralhousing.org.uk. We will consider a request for a temporary suspension of the monthly payments. If this is agreed we will then agree an arrangement with you over a period of months for you to make a regular payment in addition to your normal rent so arrears are gradually repaid.

March 2020